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      ABOUT US

      Established in Zhuhai in 2006, CYG Intelligent Automation is a prominent high-tech enterprise and well received custom automation provider in China. We provide complete automation and test solutions for various industries. In 2015, CYGIA became a whole-owned subsidiary of ChangYuan Technology Group (CYG), a famous technology enterprise listed in China, stock code: 600525.SH.
      • Changyuan yuntaili was founded in
      • Enterprise scale
      • Own intellectual property
      • Product quality has been tested by the market

      Customized development

      CYGIA provides customers sophisticated test equipment and various automation solutions for intelligent assembly and testing.

      Electronic test
      Simulation test
      Vibration test
      Acoustic test
      Mechanical test
      Assembly and test automation
      Hot Product
      • Butterfly -- the solution of PCBA test standardization

        Modular design, easy to upgrade and maintain, needle board diversification, suitable for different types of testing, friendly human-computer interface, easy for human-computer interaction, suitable for automation
      • Atmospheric pressure simulation test equipment

        Atmospheric pressure simulation test equipment| Atmospheric pressure simulation test equipment uses vacuum generator to produce negative pressure effect from positive pressure gas source, and controls the pressure value in the test box in real time through microcomputer control technology, so as to test and detect various parameters of the tested device or product under different negative pressure. It is a new, reliable, efficient, clean and economic negative pressure simulation test equipment.
      • Linear vibrator testing&Motor vibration testing

        Modular design, linear power supply to ensure stable output, can be converted into automated testing according to requirements, 4-layer layer design, can meet the test of 8 or 16 products at the same time, drawer design structure, easy maintenance
      • Acoustic test equipment

        Modular design, suitable for different products, multi-layer noise reduction, noise reduction effect is excellent, professional laboratory repeated verification experiment
      • Piano -- keyboard test solution

        Key test, PCBA test, backlight test, AOI test, touch test
      • Automatic line optical test equipment

        fully automatic loading and unloading and test system, suitable for camera module or compact optical element module, such as TOF, 3D projector or sensor assembly
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